The Blessed Virgin Mary


(1) MARY, your name means Lady. As Mother of God you have the highest power in heaven and on earth after God. The Ruler of the whole world is your Son. He raised you above every creature. I pledge my loyalty to you as my Lady and Queen. Let me ever serve you as your faithful subject and devoted child.

Your name means Star of the Sea. As the star sheds light without any loss to itself, so as the purest of virgins you brought forth your Son without the loss of your virginity. The sailor looks up to the stars for guidance. Be my Guiding Star in life that I may avoid the dangers of sin, and reach the port of eternity safely in the grace of God.

Your name means Sea. Your whole life upon earth was like a sea of bitterness. What sadness must have filled your soul at the prophecy of Simeon in the temple when he said, "Thy own soul a sword shall pierce." What pain you felt at the flight into Egypt, at the loss of your Son, and at the sight of the Savior mistreated, condemned to death and crucified. But you descended to the depths of sorrow when the lifeless body of Jesus was laid in your arms! You were plunged into a sea of sorrow. Help me to be patient in bearing the sufferings of my life, and ever resigned to God's will, for He knows what is best for me, and He loves me with an infinite love.

(2) MARY, your name is so lovely that the angels rejoice when they hear it and so sweet, that your children never tire of speaking it. Your name gives consolation to the sick, comfort to the discouraged. strength to the tempted, peace to the dying, and joy to all. After the name of Jesus, no name shall be dearer to me than yours.

Mary, let me bear your lovely and sweet name within my heart and invoke it many times each day, especially in time of temptation and need. May your holy name be a pledge of eternal life for me.

(3) MARY, after the name of Jesus there is no other name so powerful to help me and to obtain for me the many graces which I need. In dangers, difficulties, and doubts, let me invoke your name, for then I shall not despair. When you support me, I cannot fall.

Mary, I confide in the power of your name that I may obtain all the graces I need to avoid sin, practice virtue and save my soul. May your sweet name and that of your Son Jesus be the last words my lips shall speak. O element, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary!


Grant, we beg You, Almighty God, that Your people who rejoice in the name and in the protection of the most holy Virgin Mary, may by her intercession be delivered from all evil here on earth, and be found worthy to attain to everlasting joys in heaven. Through Christ our Lord. Amen. (Feast of the Holy Name of Mary, Sept. 12)